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Transformative Collaboration with Renmark High School

Updated: Apr 9

Renmark High School and TeachTek have joined forces in an effort to go beyond simple technology upgrades. For this project, TeachTek created solutions that align with Renmark High School's objectives and set the stage for a future-oriented educational ecosystem.

One exciting development is the creation of a Tek Pod, designed to seamlessly integrate audio recording, streaming, and a 360-degree camera. With a single USB-C interface connecting users' laptops to a state-of-the-art Philips monitor, the Tek Pod provides an immersive experience for students to create their own podcasts.

TeachTek has also upgraded the media room to eliminate the hassle of tangled cables. The introduction of integrated track lighting, controlled by a refined wall switch with dimmer, creates a cinematic ambiance while keeping the space clutter-free.

In the art/tech space, TeachTek has elevated connectivity with new Philips E-Line displays and ScreenBeam 1000 wireless presentation. Custom foldable laptop shelves address the constraints of USB-C cable distances, showcasing TeachTek's commitment to overcoming technical limitations.

To ensure the longevity of these spaces, ongoing on-site training and support are provided.

TeachTek's Head of Technology, Troy Edom, thanks the ESP ICT and Renmark High School leadership teams for the opportunity to reshape these educational environments.

“The Renmark High School project was a great opportunity for our team to blend innovation seamlessly with education. We loved seeing the students experiment with their new tek!” shared Troy.

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