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Online PD, Video Tutorials & Resources

At TeachTek, we believe that the effectiveness of technology depends on the user's understanding. 

Therefore, we provide training to enhance staff proficiency in using technology. We have a selection of videos showcasing the technology we provide and install. 

What would you like to learn?

  • How to use Vivi content sharing

  • How to use ScreanBeam content sharing

  • E-Line Chromium Browser

    E-Line - Menu & Side Bar

    E-Line - Whiteboard

    E-Line - File Manager

  • InFocus Whiteboard

    InFocus Browser

    InFocus Menu & Side Bar

Our Projects

We love thinking outside the box. In addition to our featured services, our portfolio includes unique projects like podcast rooms, media rooms, and giant curved LED walls. We pride ourselves on our versatility and creativity. 

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