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Additional Solutions

Welcome to Additional Solutions, where we extend beyond our core offerings to meet every facet of your educational technology needs.
As we navigate a world increasingly reliant on digital interaction, seamless connectivity cannot be overstated.

Whether you're looking for hybrid learning kits to bridge the gap between traditional and digital classrooms, or comprehensive PA systems for clear and reliable communication, you'll find innovative and tailored solutions here.

PA and Bell Systems

At TeachTek, we understand the importance of clear communication and timely alerts. Our PA and Bell System Solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your school environment, ensuring announcements, alerts, and schedules are managed effectively and efficiently.

Whether you need a robust public address system that delivers crystal-clear audio in every corner of your institution, or a precise bell system to maintain the punctuality and structure of daily routines, our solutions are tailored to enhance operational excellence.

School yard

Outdoor Solutions

When it comes to outdoor systems, Teach Tek's solutions are designed for resilience.

Our weatherproof LED displays and audio systems guarantee clarity and vividness under any conditions, ideal for schools and sport signage. Specifically crafted for the outdoors, these systems offer durable performance, ensuring your messages resonate.

Hybrid Learning Kits

When it comes to learning in a modern way, why not look to work with your partner schools to outdoors Hybrid learning spaces. Our kits have been developed to provide the educator with a high tech system that feels like they are just using their normal work station. Cameras, mic arrays and integrated lecterns, these systems have it all. Designed for even the most difficult rooms, it only required Cat6 cables to be installed.

Hybrid learning kit for education
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