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LED Displays

Elevate learning with Teach Tek's custom LED displays

Custom indoor and weather-resistant outdoor LEDs ensure visibility and durability. Simplify content creation and sharing with our all-in-one solutions. Transform education with TeachTek LED products and services.

Custom indoor LED Screens
Teach Tek proudly presents our custom LED solutions, powered by industry leader Aurora Signage. These innovative LED displays are designed to transform education by offering dynamic multimedia content delivery in classrooms, auditoriums, and sports arenas.

Aurora Signage's expertise in LED cabinet design and power management, in partnership with Teach Tek, ensures advanced, user-friendly, and reliable LED technology for educational institutions nationwide. 
Prebuilt Portable Signage Kits
Teach Tek and Aurora Signage LEDs simplify the process of ordering and installing outdoor LED signs. Choose from ready-to-use, pre-fabricated structures – just install footings and select a sign to suit your needs.

Our range includes easy-to-use standard single-sided displays and custom screens in various resolutions for any budget. While our standard designs ensure quick, cost-effective solutions, we also offer customisation. 

Designed for easy transport and install.

Cloud apps via an Android OS for effective content management.

Standard-based pricing model aims to reduce costs where possible.

Features enclosed tops and rears, offering weather protection.

5-Year Warranty & Australian Support.

Outdoor Solutions

When it comes to outdoor systems, Teach Tek's solutions are designed for resilience.

Our weatherproof LED displays and audio systems guarantee clarity and vividness under any conditions, ideal for schools and sport signage. Specifically crafted for the outdoors, these systems offer durable performance, ensuring your messages resonate.

Weatherproof LED

Teach Tek elevates outdoor spaces with custom LED displays perfect for schools, amphitheatres, and sporting arenas. Our versatile range includes large screens, sport signs, and scoreboards, designed to withstand all weather conditions. Give us a call to discover stunning outdoor visuals with Aurora's durable and dynamic LED solutions. 

Outdoor weatherproof LED screen
Aurora LED logo
The Tek LED I-TV is an Australian-owned Android LED display that is ideal for large educational environments. It offers a range of features including a built-in control system, USB-C and HDMI inputs, and the ability to wirelessly present content from different devices. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive on-screen menu, this display is easy to operate without the need for complex third-party software.

Ideal for various large venues and conference rooms, halls & more

User-friendly with integrated design and internal computing system

Versatile installation: straightforward wall-mount or trolley stand

Onboard Android for control and wireless casting of various devices

Panel with flash memory for calibration data & automatic adjustment

Front access for simple maintenance of panels and power supplies

One-button startup, easy operation, perfect for beginners 

Multiple Aspect ratios, including 21:9 format ideal for Teams Rooms.

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