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AV Refresh: Transforming Brighton Secondary School

Experience Epson and Philips displays, both interactive and non-interactive, with advanced wireless casting from ScreenBeam.

Teach Tek is thrilled to share our latest project—a comprehensive AV upgrade at Brighton Secondary School in South Australia. Our project involved the careful selection and installation of advanced AV solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of diverse learning spaces. Most classrooms now feature Philips displays, both interactive and non-interactive, making teaching more dynamic and flexible.

Interactive Learning with E-Line Displays

Philips E-Line Interactive Displays, installed in many classrooms, are designed to boost collaboration and engagement. They come with anti-glare toughened glass, a built-in Whiteboard mode, multi-touch technology, and wireless screen sharing capabilities.

Smooth Transitions with D-Line Displays

For classrooms operating under BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) setups, we installed Philips D-Line displays. Their auto-switching inputs ensure a smooth transition between devices.

Enhanced Comms in the Principal’s Office

An 86" Philips display, equipped with an integrated Biamp camera, speaker, and mic bar, was installed in the principal's office, enhancing communication and presentations. Additionally, non-interactive Philips displays in learning hubs and open spaces serve as digital signage.

Space-Saving Projectors

In classrooms where wall space is limited, we installed retractable screens paired with Epson long-throw laser projectors. These conserve space while delivering high-quality visuals.

Interactive Projectors for Science Labs

In science labs, Epson short-throw interactive projectors were installed above standard whiteboards, offering interactive teaching capabilities while protecting equipment from harmful chemicals.

Advanced Wireless Casting with ScreenBeam

To enhance wireless connectivity and consistency, we integrated ScreenBeam 1000 and 1100 receivers. These devices offer seamless, app-free screen sharing, support multi-network connections, and use Ghost Inking technology to eliminate latency. The Central Management System (CMS) ensures easy monitoring and smooth operation across the school.

Learn More and Get in Touch

Let’s explore how we can work together to deliver integrated solutions that are efficient, user-friendly, and help prepare students for a brighter future. Get in touch: Visit our website or contact us today for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Phone: 1300 934 484

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